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Colin Oxnard R.H.A.D, M.S.H.A.A - Hearing aid audiologistFor over 16 years I worked in the Audiology Department at the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle. One of the largest N.H.S. teaching hospitals in the U.K. I qualified from the North Riding School of Audiology in 1988. Over this period I gained experience in all areas of Audiology including diagnostic testing, research and teaching before specialising in hearing rehabilitation.

In the time I have worked in the N.H.S. I have come to appreciate the shortfalls in public sector hearing health care and the lack of trust in private hearing aid provision.

In Dec 1999 Coastal Hearing Services was established as a family run, independent hearing care service.

Our aim is of providing client orientated fitting strategies using the highest levels of technology available from the global market tied with the levels of care expected from the N.H.S.

This service is available in purposely designed fitting rooms or in the comfort of your own home.

Colin Oxnard
R.H.A.D., M.S.H.A.A.
Hearing Aid Audiologist

Tel: 0191 253 3202

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